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Ludwig Reflected #3

Beethoven 250

Guest Speaker Paula Morris
Soprano Sophia Yang
Tenor Sid Chand
Baritone Arthur Adams-Close
Violin Ki Hei Lee
Double Bass TBC
Clarinet Billie Hart            
Flute Leon Reynolds
Piano Marianna Kang

Celeste Oram and Alex Taylor New work a collaborative work in collage in response to Beethoven’s complete oeuvre and legacy

This free event features a performance of a specially commissioned Beethoven-inspired work and the chance to delve deeper into the fascinating life and times of Beethoven.

Paula Morris will speak about Beethoven from the perspective of literature, from those writing around the time of Beethoven to how Beethoven’s legacy has impacted contemporary writers. Her talk will explore the Vienna of Beethoven’s day and reflect upon him as a social being embroiled in various professional friendships, rivalries, collaborations and feuds.

New Zealand composers Celeste Oram and Alex Taylor have frequently worked together, but this time they have a new collaborator – a sprightly 250-year-old by the name of Ludwig. Based on Beethoven’s music, this new piece promises to be a playful, theatrical and robustly provocative examination of Beethoven’s art and influence. This brand-new work will be performed by the talented APO Young Achievers.

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