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First time at a concert?

How do I book a ticket?
Head to our What’s On page, where you can browse all of our upcoming events. You can either book an individual ticket to a concert of your choice, or you can book a ticket as part of an APO Subscription if you purchase four or more tickets. Becoming an APO Subscriber offers you access to discounts and a raft of other great benefits. You can find out more about becoming an APO subscriber here.

If you have any queries, you can always call APO Ticketing (09 623 1052) for assistance or advice.

What is a series?
A series is a set of pre-grouped concerts that you can purchase as a package. For example the New Zealand Herald Premier Series is a set of 12 concerts, all in the Auckland Town Hall at 8.00pm. You can choose to buy all concerts in a series, or just select the ones that appeal to you. Again, please contact APO Ticketing or book online

What is a subscriber?
A subscriber is a patron who takes advantage of one of the multi-concert packages available in the Season Brochure. Subscribers get benefits such as a priority booking period, cheaper ticket prices and discounts on programme books – plus special benefits from several of our sponsors.

See our subscriber benefits here.

How can I get hold of a copy of the current season brochure?
Fill out our Season Brochure request form here or email ticketing@apo.co.nz to request a copy of our latest Season Brochure. Copies of the brochure can also be picked up at Auckland Town Hall, The Civic and the Aotea Centre, plus all Auckland public libraries.

What should I wear to a concert?
Whatever makes you comfortable. Formal evening wear is not required at APO concerts. Smart casual is the general rule but you will see everything from jeans and sweaters to suits and evening wear, if people are attending a special function before or after the concert. Matinée and outdoor concerts in other venues are usually much more casual. For indoor concerts you are required to wear some sort of footwear.

When should I applaud?
Audiences only applaud at the end of a complete piece, not between movements. Symphonies and concertos generally have three or four “movements” that make up the complete piece, so you only clap at the end of all the movements, not in between. Look at your programme to find out how many movements a piece has. Usually there is a noticeable pause in between movements, but not always.

If you’re not sure, the best idea is to wait until the rest of the audience starts clapping!

Will there be an interval?
Yes, at the majority of concerts there is an interval of about 20 minutes. This will give you a chance to buy refreshments and stretch your legs if needed.

How can I learn more about the music?
There are FREE pre-concert talks one hour before each of The New Zealand Herald Premier Series and Great Classics series. These are held in the Concert Chamber or Supper Room of the Auckland Town Hall.

There are also detailed notes in the programme book for each concert. Concert programmes are available for sale at concerts - also we provide a downladable version of the programme available for purchase in our concert reminder.

If you want a taster of the pieces before you come along, try looking them up on Youtube.

What about noises such as mobile phones and coughing?
Please turn off your mobile phone, watch alarm or any audible device BEFORE the concert begins. Noises such as a phone ringing are very distracting to the conductor, musicians, and other audience members. Please also remember that the light from your mobile phone is distracting to those sitting close to you, so please refrain from texting until the concert has finished.

You can’t help a cough but please if you have one, bring lozenges, and try to hold the cough for the end of a movement or a noisy bit! A handkerchief often helps muffle the noise. There is nothing wrong with getting up and leaving the concert hall until the end of the movement if your cough won’t stop.

May I film and take photos of the performance?
We discourage filming, however, taking photos on a cell phone without using flash is sometimes possible, depending on the type of concert and audience. For our main series concerts, audience members can take photos before and after the concert, as well as during interval and applause. Our contemporary and family concerts are more relaxed and concertgoers can take photos during the show.

Where can I find out more about the players?
You can read more about the orchestra members and our Music Director if you head to the Meet the Orchestra page. You can also watch videos highlighting some of our principal players in our Meet the Principal series, available to watch on our Watch & Listen page. After concerts, you can also find orchestra members gathering at the D Bar on the Stalls level of the Auckland Town Hall. Everyone is welcome to join!

I want to make a night of it – is there anywhere good to eat nearby?
There are hundreds of eateries in Central Auckland to choose from. A particular favourite of APO staff is Q Theatre. Our friends at Q Theatre (on Queen Street just up from the Town Hall) offer APO Subscribers a 10% discount on pre and post concert food and beverages. Simply show the Subscriber ID slip in your ticket wallet, together with your tickets to that night's concert.

Where can I park when I come to the Town Hall?
The Civic Carpark is the closest. Click HERE for a map of nearby carparks.

Is there wheelchair access and hearing impaired facilities at Auckland Town Hall?
Yes. There is lift or ramp access to all levels of the Auckland Town Hall Foyers. Wheelchairs can be accommodated in the Stalls level of the Great Hall. Please advise ticketing staff when booking if you require these positions.

An Induction Loop System is available with full coverage in most seats. Just tune your Hearing Aid to the T Position.

For any questions relating to THE Auckland Live venues or patrons services go to www.aucklandlive.co.nz “Your Visit” or ph (09) 309 2677.

I really enjoyed the concert – how can I further support the APO?
The APO is a not-for-profit charity organisation and we survive through the passion and support of our audience.

You can make a general or monthly donation through our Annual Appeal or Chair Donor Scheme. Find out more about donations here.

You can also become a member of the APO Friends or Crescendo or simply come to more of our concerts!

If you are an organisation, you may also like to take the opportunity tobecome a partner to the APO, or to use an APO concert to do some corporate entertaining. Head to our Business Partnerships page to find out more.

How can I keep up to date with what is happening at the APO?
Subscribe to the monthly APO E-Newsletter for updates on all that’s happening at the APO, plus monthly competitions and ticket offers. You can also follow us on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram for up to the minute news, photos and gossip.

Sign up here.

How can I work for the APO?
Keep an eye on our Work With Us page. All positions, whether they are orchestral or administrative will appear here.




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