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Tote-ally reusable and $10

Gear up and grab APO's official Beethoven 250 tote bag.

Available at concert nights or online, while stocks last.

From Wednesday 1 July 2020, it has been a year since single-use plastic bags were banned in New Zealand and that's a cause worth celebrating  not to mention our favourite composer's 250th birthday!

This high-quality bag gets both the fashion and function tick from us; we managed to fit one trumpet, two maracas, five tambourines and still have space left over for that last-minute dash to the supermarket.

This strong, flexible cotton bag has a large bottom gusset that can fold out, making it the perfect size for your daily shopping, school, work or concert-going needs. When you're done, it can be stored flat with the gusset tucked in.

Just try not to fold or scrunch it up as this could damage the beautiful artwork that has been carefully heat-pressed onto it. 

Speaking of artwork, this one-of-a-kind print was painted by local New Zealand graffiti artist Enuake Sirikige. With only 250 bags in stock, make sure you get yours now so you don’t miss out! We’ll even throw in an APO Beethoven 250 collectible badge.

This bag was originally produced for our Beethoven 250 concert series, which was unfortunately cancelled in March due to the situation with COVID-19.

Product info:

Heavyweight 320 gms cotton, with 2 handles and a bottom gusset
Dimensions: 400mm (W) x 435mm (H) x 155mm (Bottom Gusset Only)

Price: $10 (excluding delivery)

Either pick up from the APO Friends Table at a concert, or buy online. If purchasing online, the bag will be delivered in one sealed package. 




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