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All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love was the ecstatic pop symphony The Beatles wrote to throw their arms around the world on the first global satellite TV link at the height of 1967’s summer of love. It was the inspiration for this dazzling and daring new large scale concert production.

From the Producers of The White Album Concert, Beatles Back2Back, Rubber Soul Revolver and most recently Beatles First 5. All You Need Is Love is a dazzling and daring large scale concert production featuring 35 musicians and singers including Ciaran Gribbin, Jack Jones, Jackson Thomas, Rai Thistlethwayte and the extraordinary Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, performing 30 breathtaking Beatles masterpieces.

The songs are carefully chosen from the Beatles canon for their instrumentation and arrangements involving a full Orchestra seamlessly integrated with the Beatles own rock sensibility. From the intimacy of 'Yesterday' to the exuberance of 'Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band', the childlike whimsy of 'Yellow Submarine' to the intoxicating romance of 'Something'.

Together for a mere ten years, the Beatles led a musical revolution that radically transformed the sound and significance of rock & roll. The limitations of the primitive recording technology of the day led to epic productions and fed into the Beatles creative genius and experimentation – from the breathtaking orchestrations of 'Eleanor Rigby' and 'Across the Universe', to the epic proportions of 'A Day in the Life'.




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