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APO Make & Do is a series of activity videos designed for pre-school to primary school aged children to be completed at home at a time that suits your family.

New videos will be released fortnightly on Monday mornings at 10am, with a new activity hosted by different APO players. The musicians will also tell you a little bit about their instruments. Each activity can be done with equipment you already have at home. 

The APO Connecting team would love you to send photos or videos of your completed activities. Send them to: [email protected]

Warm Up Exercises

It's time to get stretchy! It's time for another musical activity with the APO. Join APO Second Violin Milena Parobczy as she guides you through some physical warm-up exercises our own musicians do before a concert!

Make Your Own Harp

Grab your art supplies! It's time for another musical activity with the APO. Join APO Principal Harp Ingrid Bauer as she teaches you how to make your own harp at home!

Make Your Own Music Stand

Conduct Along

APO conductor (and French horn player) David Kay teaches you more about conducting an orchestra. You will get the chance to conduct-along to some of our favourite pieces of music - so get ready and grab your baton!

Make Your Own Percussion Instrument

APO Percussionist, Jenny Raven shows you how her instruments work and then give you some ideas on how to make your percussion instruments.

What you'll need: Use anything from boxes, jars, paper plates, wool, buttons, pasta, cardboard tubes, buckets and pots and pans

Listen and Draw

Grab your pens, pencils and paintbrushes! Some of our APO players will play you a piece of music while you draw. How does the music make you feel and what does the music make you think of?

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