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APO Connecting trials system to improve access to the orchestra

The APO Connecting team has been investing time improving access to the orchestra for communities with hearing challenges.

With the support of Phonak and a generous APO donor, the team has found a technology solution to boost the volume of the orchestra with little to no loss in the quality of the sound or delay in the time it reaches the listener.

The Phonak Roger™ takes a direct feed from the orchestra through high quality microphones and wirelessly delivers this audio to the listener, who can adjust the volume up or down to suit their needs. The system being trialled by APO also uses noise isolating headphones or, alternatively, can be used with hearing aids. Roger™ technology has been shown to be beneficial for listeners with autism1, auditory processing disorder2, as well as those with hearing loss wearing either hearing aids3 or cochlear implants4.

“Although in an early trial phase we are looking forward to providing equality of access to all our patrons who have additional needs. This is a really exciting technology solution and one that we are looking forward to developing in the coming months and years,” explains Thomas Hamill, Director of APO Connecting.

For more information about Phonak Roger™, click here.

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