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Every year APO works towards purchasing a significant instrument for the orchestra, through the Instrument Fund. This year our focus is a much-needed upgrade on our set of rotary trumpets.

There are two distinct types of trumpets used in orchestral music, defined by what sort of valve mechanism they use: piston valves or rotary valves. Stylistically they are quite different, and also feel very different to play. A simple comparison is that a rotary trumpet feels like a sports car and a piston trumpet feels like a truck.

The price of a rotary trumpet is higher than a mass-produced piston trumpet due to the complexity of construction. Our set will comprise three C trumpets, an E-flat (alto) and a B-flat, and will cost around $40,000. We have already raised $3,500 towards the smallest trumpet – the E-flat.

Rotary trumpets, or German trumpets as they are often called, are ideal for Austro-German Classical and Romantic repertoire – from Mozart, Brahms and Haydn to Bruckner, Beethoven and Mahler – and are used by world- leading orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic and Vienna Philharmonic. APO’s Music Director Giordano Bellincampi has requested rotary trumpets to refine the sound of the orchestra’s brass section and blend withk the sound of APO’s German trombones.

The Principal Trumpet of the Berlin Philharmonic has offered to help select the particular trumpets for the APO, an added assurance for our investment.

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