Guest Artists 2019

Liam Finn

Liam Finn’s music has evolved over the course of his nomadic solo career, absorbing the nuances and energy of the multitude of stages he has played on across the globe.

From a young age Liam has been recording music and touring extensively; having earned his chops at the ripe age of 14 by playing guitar and drums in his father Neil Finn’s first solo outing, Liam then went on to form his teenage band Betchadupa in the early 2000’s. The band released two EPs, and two albums: The Alphabetchadupa in 2002 and Aiming For Your Head in 2004, earning a reputation in Australia and New Zealand as a bold and powerful live act. After the band’s tumultuous relocation to the UK and subsequent break up, Liam began a solo career releasing the much-loved I’ll Be Lightning in 2007. Recorded on all analog equipment by himself in New Zealand, this very personal, and beautifully arranged album helped garner international attention and acclaim.

Playing in his own unique style as a one-man band, looping his guitar, adding fuzzy bass lines and thrashing away on drums, Liam and his backing vocalist Eliza-Jane Barnes brought the album to maniacal life. Featuring on The David Letterman show, Jools Holland and touring with acts such as The Black Keys, Eddie Vedder and Wilco. Liam and Eliza-Jane then released their collaborative EP Champagne In Seashells in 2009. During this time he also formed and recorded the ethereal first album for BARB, a side project with Connan Mockasin, Lawrence Arabia and Eliza-Jane.

His sophomore release FOMO in 2011 saw him take a confident hi-fi approach with producer Burke Reid. Liam expanded his live line-up to tackle the more ambitious arrangements and lead the group to settle in Brooklyn, NY. This is where Liam wrote and recorded his third solo record The Nihilist (2014) which exhibited a wonderful balance between the analog earthiness of I’ll Be Lightning, and the otherworldly sonics that can only be inspired in such a bustling metropolis. The genre-defying album playfully examines the fantasies of leading different lives through subconscious dimensions, and fearlessly took steps to sonically set himself apart from his contemporaries.

After a year of touring The Nihilist with his band Dream Team around the globe Liam set forth on two collaborations with directors Anthony & Alex. A perfilmance-art piece entitled ‘Success,’ and his first feature film soundtrack for the Susanne Bartsch documentary On Top.

In 2018 he released his first collaborative album with his father Neil Finn entitled Lightsleeper. The cinematic album full of beautiful and personal songs featured the nuclear family, Connan Mockasin and Mick Fleetwood, and paved the way to a new adventure of touring the world as a family band.

Always an engaging and ever-changing live performer, Liam is a musical chameleon with a desire to constantly challenge himself, and his audience, yet always maintaining his familiar sense of melody and soulful songwriting.





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